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Control Room 17'X14.5'X10' w/ floated floor

Tracking Room A 32'X16.5'X11' w/ floated drum riser

Iso Booth 12' x 8' X 11'

Tracking Room B 13' x 16' X 12'

Internet Kiosk. Broadband Wi-Fi Hotspot throughout facility, kitchenette, lounge and full bath.




Recording Platforms:

SONAR Platinum

SONAR 8.5.2

Studio One and Capture

Apogee AD16X converters

Alesis AI-3 (FX and monitor sends)

Presonus StudioLive AI 16.4.2

Presonus Firestudio Tube

Mackie Control and Expander

Zoom R-8, H6 w/ multiple mic heads

Otari MX 5050-III 8 Track 1/2"

Otari MTR-10 4 Track 1/2"

Akai GX-230D quarter track

Fostex G-16 w/ SMPTE sync

Fostex Model 80

Fostex A-2 half track

Fostex D-10 DAT

Panasonic SV-4100 DAT




Dynaudio BM15A

Dynaudio BM-9 sub

Mackie HR824

PMC - GB-1i w/ Cerwin-Vega sub

JBL 4311

Yamaha NS10 Studio Monitors

Auratone 5C Super Sound Cubes

Realistic Minimus 7

Sennheiser HD-600, HD-25

Presonus Central Station

(5) Extreme Isolation 29

(4) Fostex T-50

(1) Fostex T-20


Outboard Processors:

Teletronix LA-2A tube compressor

Universal Audio 6176 

(2) Universal Audio Blackface LA-4A with Jim Williams mods

Klark-Teknik 1176-KT

MXR Model 126 Flanger/Doubler

Marshall Time Modulator 5402

AKG BX-10 spring reverb

Eventide H3000S

Eventide SP2016

EMT 245 Reverb

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X with British Mod

Bi-Amp MR/140 spring reverb

6' custom plate reverb circa '82

AEA TRP (ribbon mic pre)

Vintech X81 pre/eq

(2) AEA RPQ 500 pre

(2) A-Designs P-1 pre

(2) Neve 1073LB pre

(3) Avedis MA5 pre

(2) Shadow Hills Gama pre

(4) API 512C pre 

(2) API 525 compressor

(2) API 550B EQ

(5) API 560 EQ

(2) Speck  ASC-V EQ

Ramko Research MLA-2R/E dual mic / line preamp

(3) MTE Type 29 B R Equalizers



Neumann U87 (vintage '75)

Neumann U87 ai

Groove Tubes Model 3a Variable Pattern Vacuum Tube Mic

RCA Model 77A (vintage '32)" The Grandaddy of all ribbon mics"

RCA Model 74B Junior Velocity ribbon

(2) Altec (Western Electric) 639A and 639B ribbon/dynamic mics

Royer R-121 ribbon, SF-12 stereo ribbon

AEA R-84 large ribbon

(3) Oktava MK-012 with OktavaMods by Michael Jolly, (2) RED lollypop capsules 

Beyer Dynamics M-160 and M-130 ribbon, M-930

Cascade Fathead II ribbon 

AKG D-12e, (2) C 414 B-ULS, C 460 B-ULS, C 451 EB, C 535 EBD-112, (2) D-460 w/ CK61, D707E

Sennheiser MD-441, (3) MD-421 II, (2) MD-421 , MD-409

Shure SM7A, ( 2) SM81, (2) KSM44, KSM32, KSM27, KSM313/NE Dual voiced ribbon, (3) Beta 98, Beta 87, (6) SM57, (2) SM57 Unidyne III, (2) SM58, Beta 58, 315 Ribbon, PE515, PE54D, 520DX Green Bullet, 527B

AT 825 stereo

Rode NTG4 shotgun mic + blimp


(4) Countryman FET85 DI 

(2) DOD passive DI


Software Plug-Ins:

Universal Audio UAD-2 QUAD and DUO with: Studer A800, Fatso Jr., Cooper Time Cube, LA-2A, 1176, LA-3A, EMT 140 Plate, EMT 250, Manley Vari-Mu, Manley Massive Passive, Neve 1073, UA Percision De-Esser, UA Precision Bus Compressor, Pultec Pro, Fairchild 670, Hilos 69 EQ, SPL Transient Designer, SSL 4000 G Buss Comp, Lexicon 224

iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced mastering suite and RX restoration suite

Waves Gold 9, API 2500, Abbey Road Chambers, Aphex Aural Exciter, Vocal Rider

Voxengo Elephant

PSP Vintage Warmer

Lexicon Pantheon Reverb

Celemony Melodyne 4

Antares Auto-Tune 3.0

Timeworks Comp./EQ



'91 Gretsch White Falcon

'88 Fender Strat Plus Deluxe

'89 Taylor 810 Acoustic

'92 Gibson J-30 Acoustic

Orpheum Steel Body Resonator

Vintage Guitars:

1886 Fairbanks and Cole Guitar Banjo

'59 Les Paul Junior

'62 Gretsch 6120

'63 Fender Jaguar

'67 Gretsch Country Gent

'68 Custom Kraft Bone Buzzer Bass

'69 Les Paul Goldtop

'70 Martin D-18

Early 70's Takamine F395S 12-string (law-suit era)

Early '70's Les Paul Goldtop w/ Bixby

'72 Les Paul Goldtop Deluxe

'74 Fender Telecaster

'75 Les Paul Custom w/ Bixby

'77 Fender Precision Bass

Vintage Amplifiers:

'57 Fender Tweed Champ (11/57)

'56 Fender Tweed Deluxe (6/56)

'57 Fender Tweed Deluxe (3/57)

'60 Fender Tweed Deluxe (5/60)

'62 Fender Brown Princeton(8/62)

'65 Fender Reverb Tank (6/65)

'63 Fender Cream Bassman(10/63)

'64 Fender Deluxe Reverb (3/64)

'66 Fender Vibrolux Reverb (10/66)

'66 Fender Vibro-Champ (12/66)

'77 Fender Twin Reverb

'77 Marshall JMP Mk.2 (2204)

'82 Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus

'60 Ampeg B15 Portaflex (11/60)

'62 Ampeg M15 "Big M"

'68 Kustom (Black) 200B-4 w/ 2x15 cabinet Jensen speakers

'69 Kustom (Red) 200B-2 w/ 2x15 cabinet JBL F-130 speakersrus 120

'60's Premier 50 (1x10")

'66 Kalamazoo Model Two

'67 Supro Corsica model S6622

'67 Hilgen Challenger

70's Pig Nose

60's Takt GA-10

Ampeg Porta-Flex 800 bass amp

David Eden D210 XLT bass cabinet

 Vintage Keyboards:

1982 MemoryMoog Plus

1937 Bradbury Studio Upright with mandolin attachment

'61 Hammond M-101 Organ with Leslie

'76 Wurlitzer 200A E.Piano

'77 Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano 73

Leslie Model 140, Model 110, Model 25

'62 Slivertone chord organ

Farfisa Compact Deluxe

Farfisa Professional Duo with bass pedals

Juno 106 synth

1972 Optigan 35002 (20+ discs)

Ensoniq EPS sampler/keyboard

Suzuki Omnichord OM-84

Vintage Effects Pedals:

Mutron Phasor II

Mutron Octave Divider

Chandler Tube Driver Pedal (ala Eric Johnson)

Chandler Tube Driver Rack

Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer

MXR Green Analog Delay

Boss Flanger BF-1 

Boss Octave Divider


1962-3 Vintage Slingerland Kit Mahogany/Maple (20/12/14)

Yamaha Custom Recording Kit Birch w/ DW May micing system: AKG D-112 (Kick), AT-25 (Floor), SM-57 (Rack Toms) (20/10/12/14)

Remo Roto-Toms (6/8/10)

1962 Ludwig 14x8" snare

1970's Ludwig Acra-lite 14x5.25" snare

Tama Birds-eye Maple 14x5.25" snare

Zildjian/Paiste/Sabian Cymbals

Remo Djembe

Peruvian Cajon

Linn Drum LM-2 Vintage Drum Machine with retro-MIDI

Korg KR-55B vintage analog drum machine

Roland TR-66 vintage analog drum machine (circa '73)

Mattel Synsonics vintage analog drum machine

Large box of shakers etc.

Mastering Suite at Audio Classics:

McIntosh C2500 preamp/DAC
Levinson No.536 Amplifiers
B&W 802D2 Speakers
Kubala-Sosna Emotion Interconnect and Speaker Cables

Room treatment
RPG Diffusers and Abfussors
ACS TubeTrap

All gear is set-up, fully functional and available for use at no additional charge. Occasionally some pieces may be unavailable due to maintenance. If you have a specific request, please make it known when you book your session.

Full P.A. System with stage lighting for rehearsals or video shoot available by request.