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The Commander Cody Band – Live DVD

NewClear Studios went mobile August 20th and 21st for the filming of a Commander Cody – Live DVD.  The venue, a hunting lodge in Candor NY, which is best known for providing excellent turkey and deer excursions for the likes of NFL and MLB players as well as a backdrop for the TNN Outdoor show, is Turkey Trot Acres.  Owned and hosted by Pete and Sherry Clare, the Turkey Trot provided just the right “funky” vibe for The Commander to shoot the live DVD.  The venue holds a maximum capacity of 125 and provided a wide-open viewing area, which was great for the camera crew.  Video producer Michael Fitch of Visions Visual Arts - Lehigh Valley, PA. directed a crew of 6 camera operators.   A makeshift recording studio control room was constructed in a remote area of the hunting lodge.  Along with a 24 channel audio split from the stage, Michael’s crew also provided an on-the-fly, six-camera mix, all of which were fed into the control room. The audio was recorded utilizing a diverse array of outboard mic pres (Summit Audio, JoeMeek, PreSonus) and a Mackie HDR24/96.  The audio files were then imported into SONAR for the final mix.  No release date has been set for the DVD.


Commander Cody (aka.George Frayne) and Jeff from NewClear Studios