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New Riders of the Purple Sage Update:

The New Riders of the Purple Sage has a new studio album due out June 2, 2009. Half of the tracks were  recorded at NCS.  If you are lucky enough to get an early pressing of the release it comes with the bonus disc filled with some radio mixes and live nuggets (several of with were also recorded by NewClear Studios).


The New Riders of the Purple Sage spent a weekend at NewClear Studios tracking for an upcoming 2009 release of new material. As well as being a group of seasoned veterans and crack players these guys are down to earth folk. It was more of a bar-b-que,  party hangout session with some great tracks being recorded every now and again. Ah, the beauty of the weekend lock out. The relaxed atmosphere was well suited for the gang as they have been touring solid for the past few years, so it was a nice but productive break. I really look forward to hearing the finished production as they have some great basics in the can. A majority of the tunes were written by Dave Nelson with Robert Hunter (The Dead) providing the words. Johnny and Michael each contributed a tune to the session. Speaking of Michael, check out his 3rd solo release "We Are All One" on Woodstock Records - Nice work Falz! - j.s.

And in related news....

Cakewalk recognizes NewClear Studios' use of SONAR during NRPS sessions - check it out!