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Wicked Affordable: 

If you are not 100% satisfied with the work, there is no charge. 

"So what are your rates?" 

This is always the big question folks want to know after they read the gear and client list or hear the posted demos and decide to make the call.  Being a musician and in the music business for better than a quarter century, I completely understand this concern. I often preface my response by saying that one must look at the total cost of the project and not just an hourly rate. Those who have worked with NewClear Studios have experienced the speed and efficiency of the process.  You will not be hurried along the way but suffice it to say that you will not be waiting around needlessly while the clock ticks. If  you are an established artist (New Riders, Commander Cody, Bill Burford, Gary Wilson) or a aspiring musician trying to get into a music school or a band trying to get book a better gig, I can help you get a quality recording at an affordable price. I have done full length live albums for as little as $500 but most full length projects (live or studio) run in the neighborhood of $1,200-1500.

Things I will do: Make you a professional sounding recording that sounds like you, treat you with respect, give you my opinion if you want it and make the process relaxed and fun.

Things I won't do: find you a record deal, tell you what you should do, patronize you or make you sign anything. 

 - Jeff Stachyra (owner/engineer)



"The Demo Special" - 

This is for the local band or solo artist that wants a representative recording to get more gigs. I will make a high quality multi-track recording for the cost of ONE gig. In other words, if you get one additional gig from it, it pays for itself.  This is a very popular package and is a great way to get introduced to NewClear Studios' potential to assist you in your musical endeavors. You walk out with your demo CD in one short session. Several bands have used these recording as EPs to sell at gigs or the foundation for a full length project.  Call for details and availability. (usually in the $100-$300 price range)


"The I Need Better Drum Sounds Special"  (or Vocal/Guitar/Bass etc.) -

You bring in your recording and lay down great drum sounds using one of the finely tuned/miced drum kits on site at NewClear Studios (or bring your own kit). This affords you the luxury of using $10,000+ worth of mics/preamps/EQs and a great sounding room to get drum tracks on your home recordings. The same applies for vocals. How about singing though a vintage Neumann mic with a tube preamp and compressor to spruce up your own recording? No problem - no minimum required. You can afford well recorded tracks that take your songs to the next sonic level for next to no money. (hourly rates apply)


"The Scheduling Conflicts Special"

For some bands, it's hard enough to schedule a gig let alone a recording session.  NewClear Studios can come to your gig or practice and capture the magic. We've done a lot of remote recording and this is not a problem. It can be mixed within a few days (using automation that stores all facets of the mix for repeatability and quick tweaks) or you can have the raw files to mix at the studio of your choice. Ahh, the beauty of the digital age. (call to discuss very affordable options)

Hourly rate (less than 10 hrs.) - $50/hr

Full Length Project Rate - $40/hr

Day Rate (8 hours) - $350

Priced are all inclusive - no additional fees apply.