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 New Gear for 2005:

Let There Be Drums

With an emphasis on live recording and catching the band as a whole NEWCLEAR is constantly looking to upgrade the gear needed to capture the magic. One often over-looked element is the drum sound.  Most demo and artist studio-produced recordings often lack the quality of live drum sounds. Many of today's studios have resorted to using drum samples and loops which never seem to match the breath of a great live feel.  New to the studio in 2005 is the addition of a 5 piece Yamaha Custom Recording kit - the most recorded set in the world - featuring the Randall May internal drum micing system. This all birch kit packs an explosive sound.  Drum sizes are as follows:  10", 12"and 14" toms, 20" kick.   

"If It Sounds Right, It Is Right" - Joe Meek (1964)

Some things pass the test of time over and over and nothing rings truer than Joe Meek's old adage "If it sounds right, it is right". Engineer Ted Fletcher, who worked with Meek back in his hay-day, had produced some great sounding compressors in the late '90's under the company name of Joemeek.  Ted's products were often described as being colored, the sound they produce tips it's hat to that of tape compression in the analog world. NEWCLEAR studios prefers that it's artists AND equipment have a unique sound.  Mr. Fletcher and the company Joemeek have parted ways but the gear lives on.  New (or should we say pre-owned) to NEWCLEAR in 2005 are the following Joemeek units: SC2.2 Stereo Compressor, TwinQ VC-1qcs with S/PDIF digital output option, VC-1Q channel strip.  They will be joining an original VC-1 (Gold lettering) and a VC-1Q in what has now become the "Green Rack"


On the wish list for the remainder of 2005: API 3124+ and Apogee A/D X-16, stay tuned...